Thursday, January 20, 2011

Please visit The Beheld

I've been shifting my (erstwhile and meager) efforts here on Velvet Steamroller into the considerably more laborious (but more rewarding) The Beheld. If you subscribe here—you know, all eight of you!—please subscribe to The Beheld, my blog focusing on women's perspectives on beauty. In addition to the usual bloggy stuff, it will feature weekly interviews with women, many of whom have professions and passions that lend them a unique viewpoint on beauty. I'll occasionally be posting here as a sort of catch-all for stuff that I just want to get out that has naught to do with lipstick, but if you've ever enjoyed my writing, please visit The Beheld.

I found that while I have things I want to say about the world that have nothing to do with beauty, or nothing to do with women and feminism and publishing, that my most personally rewarding and engaging posts (including ones that never made it on here because they seemed to dwell too much on beauty without critiquing it quite enough for me to put it on here) always had to do with beauty and appearance. Even body image and food issues, as deep as they run, haven't held my fascination as much as the way that we choose to present ourselves and the micro-decisions that go into that. Those issues will come up in The Beheld, I imagine, as well as questions of feminism, masculinity, media, and semantics. I just enjoy having the focus that a "beauty blog" (a term I find funny--I'm the last person you'd ever think would be writing such a thing) gives me.

I hope you enjoy it!

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